Founded in 1938 S&U plc is the UK’s foremost hire purchase motor finance and specialist lender.

Parent company of Consumer Credit Group - S&U plc

S&U was founded in Birmingham in 1938 by Clifford Coombs, a charismatic figure from South Wales. His secret lay in his ability to charm and motivate people, whether they were customers or employees. By 1975, changing customer tastes and sophistication saw S&U transform its credit businesses in to a home credit loan operation. This was successfully taken forward by Clifford’s sons Derek and Keith Coombs for the following three decades! This customer focussed home credit business then traded very well in the new millennium until its disposal in 2015 for over £82m.

Motor Finance - Advantage Finance

Set up in 1999, Advantage has grown to be one of the most progressive and innovative motor finance companies in the country and is a member of the Finance and Leasing Association. Advantage employ over 100 people and since 1999 have provided motor finance for over 120,000 customers across the UK, growing at the rate of 20,000 per year. All Advantage motor finance is provided using Hire Purchase contracts – Advantage do not use and have never used PCP contracts.

Operating within the non-prime market sector, Advantage has built its excellent reputation and track record on quality as opposed to quantity. Funding is invested wisely through a very experienced management team the majority of whom have been with the Company since inception. Low staff turnover and a strong focus on reward and recognition are fundamental to the success of Advantage which has achieved 17 consecutive years of record profits.